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Recycled plastic manhole covers production line

Usage of waste plastic with fly ash as materials for producing manhole covers and rain drain grills

Project introduction Compared with traditional cast iron manhole cover

Traditional manhole covers are iron casted while composite material covers have thick steel reinforced bar skeleton with addition of sand, cement, fast hardening agent, and glass fiber as the main raw material for it’s easy gluing physical effect. Though except high cost and heavy weight it is not looking well.

The program of the manhole ,the main raw material is from people abandoned life plastic, through enhanced, pressure, anti - aging unique patented process and high temperature molding. And the cost is low, only for the traditional cast iron manhole covers and ordinary with the material manhole cover’s 90% , cheap price, smooth surface, no rust, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance. Can also be customized according to user's requirements on the product logo and text.

Content variety resin complex material the ordinary cast iron ductile cast iron concrete rebar
Using life 30-50 years 20-30 years 30-50 years 10-15 years
Technology content national patent products low generally none
Environmental appearance not rusty, can make the logo easy to rust easy to rust bad
Whether the theft not renewable, natural easy to steal easy to steal easy to steal
Use of resources Waste to renews Heavy waste cast iron Heavy waste cast iron Generally
Price contrast C700 light for example USD 260-280 / set USD 280-300 / set USD 600-680 / set 200-240 / set, high efficiency
The noise of the car passing without noise heavy noise heavy noise generally
Corrosion resistance non-resistance non-resistance non-resistance
Aging resistance anti- aging resistance non-anti aging resistance generally non-anti aging resistance

The project of the manhole by chemical enhancer, make the composite resin molecular activation, cross - linked, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the bearing. Not only good steel, but also good toughness. Under the -40-80 temperature, the pressure, bending, impact resistance index reached or exceeded 30 years. Ordinary manhole cover made of composite materials in order to guarantee has sufficient capacity to support, inside a lot of thread steel is used as a support skeleton, the steel, lack of toughness, surface filling material are easily broken off, not only affects the appearance and short service life. The traditional cast iron manhole cover normal service life of only 6-10 years, and easily damaged manhole scattered to lead to serious security risks.

This cover overweight load more than 40 tons!

Load more than 18 tons of ordinary heavy manhole cover Applicable scope

Replace the corresponding steel, timber, cement, resin material, production each kind of inspection well cover, water grate and tree grate, a variety of sheet, cable trench, all kinds of pipe.

Main technical content:

  • To renewable thermoplastic waste plastic, waste tire rubber powder, undisturbed fly ash, fiber as the main raw material, in a certain temperature and pressure conditions, the dispersion agent, coupling agent, the physical and chemical role in the formation of regenerated resin composite molding, drawing.

Firstly, Basic principle:

  • According to the cross linking technology, under certain temperature and pressure conditions, Coupling agent on the strong polarity genes and some functional groups of fly ash on chemical reaction bonding. Weak coupling agent of organic functional groups and macromolecule organic phase winding connected with organic resin dispersed phase filler and continuous phase become one; Dispersant ensures equal distribution of fly ash particles and fibers; High proportion of fly ash and anti-aging agent enhanced shielding effect, make the products can be used in outdoor natural temperature more than 40 years. The interface electron microscope scanning and electron microscopic photographs show that fly ash particles dispersed evenly, coupling agent distribution on the resin and glass beads, amorphous phase and glass beads with resin to form crosslinked three-dimensional structure.

Secondly, the key technology:

  • Firstly is according to the principle of modified resin, has realized the original state of fly ash and fiber high proportion of waste polymer filling, when after reaching reasonable group of proportion of fly ash and waste plastic, obtained the good performance materials, can be applied to the engineering performance requirements strict checking manhole cover and water. The material density between 1.5-2, that is the basic properties of the engineering plastics. Also has the planing, sawing wood properties and cars, milling metal performance. The material is waterproof, moistureproof, heat preservation, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, compressive strength, tensile, color is adjustable. Accessible raw materials, the cost is low, the production process, no secondary pollution, energy conservation and recycling. Can be molded to the needs of project, control all kinds of plate, pipe. Secondly is to transform existing engineering plastics machinery and equipment, formed the regeneration of resin composite materials products production line. To meet the requirements of high filling conditions of fly ash production process, change the traditional plastic extrusion granulation to friction heat are generated; Changed the traditional kneading machine blade, layer number, Angle and geometry; Tuned out the captain to diameter ratio compression ratio. At the same time, using centrifugal air separation principle, replace the waste plastic water to remove noise process, realize the production process, no secondary pollution, the design and manufacture of automatic stripping large mould.

Typical scale:

  • An annual output of 3000 tons, manhole covers, water grate output value USD 18 million, profit tax of USD 10 million. Comprehensive utilization of waste materials and fly ash, all the more than 1500 tons, increase employment 50 people.

Main technical indicators and conditions:

  • Firstly, technical indicators
  • Tensile strength (Mpa)≥35.7
  • The flexural strength (Mpa)≥15.7
  • Impact toughness(Kj/㎡)105
  • Freezing thawing resistance-30℃<=>±20℃ (50times), the tensile strength loss rate is 0.3%
  • The change rate of thermal aging resistance(80±2℃,7d)0.29%

Secondly, conditional requirements:

  1. raw materials: a class of fly ash, waste plastics, waste renewable thermoplastic fiber and filling agent.
  2. technical parameters: temperature ≥200℃, the pressure of 5Mpa Unit energy consumption of 900 kwh / ton
  3. the implementation of standards: CJ/T121 - 2000, CJ/T130 - 2001-8-25

Main equipment and operation management

Firstly, the main equipment

Waste plastic granule machine 2 sets, washing machine 1 set, 500/1000L high speed mixer 2 sets, 150 extrusion machine 4 sets, mould 12 sets, hydraulic press 6 sets. Crusher 2 sets. Fine crusher 1 set, cooling tank production on its own.

  1. Multifunctional material mill machine
  2. Fully automatic material mixing unit
  3. Mixer extruder
  4. Molding machine

Secondly, operation management:

  • Enterprises through the ISO9002 quality system certification.

Investment benefit analysis (user)

Firstly. Investment situation:

  • Total investment USD 5.8 million
  • Which: equipment investment USD 3 million
  • Main equipment life 10 years
  • Operating expenses USD 2 million
  • Technology transfer fee USD 0.3 million

Secondly, economic benefit analysis

Production costs and sales revenue estimates:

  1. investment estimation: total investment of USD 6 million, of which USD 3 million investment in fixed assets, fixed current funds USD 3 million;
  2. annual output value USD 18 million, sales income is USD 18 million, the profit is USD 6 million, USD 2 million of tax and fees)
  3. the annual operating cost of USD 8 million
  4. dynamic investment recovery period of 1 years
  5. investment profit rate 120%

Thirdly, promotion

Since 2003, the cumulative sales of many kinds of manhole covers, water grate 20,5000 sets of products to enter in the whole country, 16 large and medium-sized city.

Fourthly, user opinion

Product quality performance is reliable, do not lose, do not flip, do not corrosive, no vibration, low price.